I've found the blogger that has turned an obsession I love into a wonderful blog carnival! Love From Texas is a super cute blog that I recently found and became instantly addicted to. My closest friends know how insane I am when it comes to making lists. Well, Jessica, the sweet writer of Love From Texas, apparently shares my list insanity! Today is my first time joining in her Tuesday List fun and I'm so excited!

Today's List is all about Halloween!

My Top 5 Favorite Things About Halloween...

1.Costumes- I love seeing all the imaginative costumes at Halloween.

  • My mom always made our costumes and they always rocked. My favorite costume she ever made me was the year I matched a doll I had. The doll was Minnie Mouse dressed up in 50s garb. So, Mom made me a poodle skirt complete with Pluto on it and netting underneath, Minnie ears and painted my nose black. I carried the little doll around and it was way too cute.
  • The best costume my mom ever made was actually for my brother and was pretty simple. She made a stuffed snake that had wire in it so she could wrap it around his body. The head of the snake was on a baseball hat so that when my brother put it on it looked like his head was inside the mouth of the snake. A little fake blood on his face and...bam...he was a man being eaten by a snake! So creative!
  • Before my kids and Mommy-life I lived in Austin, TX and worked on 6th street. For any non-Texans, that is a street in downtown Austin  that is lined with bars and clubs and fairly close to the University of Texas. Halloween is a big deal there and can make for a very interesting night. I really love when a group of people dresses up in a theme. The best I ever saw was a group of people dressed like the cast of Gilligan's Island. The entire cast! And they were really good costumes!

2.Candy- Because who doesn't love candy? I steal some of the best candy from the kids' loot and hide it away to enjoy when everyone is sleeping. There. I said it.
  • My faves are Skittles, Starburst (but only the pink or red), KitKat, Reeses....Who am I kidding? I like almost all of it! 
  • I do NOT like candy corn.
  • I do not understand the desire to eat candy shaped like a foot, ear, heart, brains or any other gross item.
  • This year we are going to let the kids pick out 5 pieces of candy to keep and the rest will be set out for Jack the Pumpkin King (from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas) to come and take. He will leave a toy in it's place. This is our attempt to be a little healthier this year!

3. Roseanne- This has always been one of my favorite tv shows ever. Every year they did Halloween episodes that were so great. Now that the show is in reruns, when Halloween is approaching you can find marathons of the Halloween episodes on tons of different channels. I've seen them all a million times but, I still love them!

4. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown - I loved this when I was a kid and now my kids love it. I also really like that when this comes on tv it signals the beginning of all the holiday tv specials. Those programs meant so much to me when I was little and I get really nostaligic when they come on now. We make it a point to watch with the kids.

5. The indecisions- As tiresome as it can get, I just love the constant wishy washiness of my son's costume choices. Every day it's something new and it starts months before the big day. I'm not sure where he got the idea that I can make absolutely anything that he dreams up. I wish I could! Some of his ideas thus far...
  • Spiderman - Of course. That's what he was last year and almost every day since.
  • Logan - No, not Wolverine. Logan. I think it's funny he'd rather be the alter-ego.
  • Vampire - This didn't start until hubby bought him some of those plastic vampire teeth. Though, he says that he wants to be a vampire with teeth but absolutely no fake blood.
  • Transformer - This was forgotten when I explained to him that it would be nothing like the movie.
  • Harvey Dent - Again, the alter-ego of the bad guy "Two Face" from Batman.
  • Jack the Pumpkin King - From our fave movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and he's right, this would be an awesome costume. But, it will take much more planning than one week.
I do also love the...
  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Pumpkin Carving

  • Decorations

and the super cute clothes!

Can you tell I'm loving this Tuesday List thing? It was fate that I found Jessica's blog. Fate, I tell you!