T-minus 2 days (or one day depending on if you count the actual day. I never know how you do that.) until the Trick or Treating Extravaganza! We actually have pretty great plans this year to trick or treat with all the nieces and friends and then have a fun party at my brother-in-law's house. We did it last year but, the night was cut short since it was a weekday. This year promises to be fun!

The kids' costumes are pretty much set. TRex is going as Logan from XMen and hubby is anxiously contemplating how to make it an awesome costume. I still think it's funny to go as the alter-ego instead of Wolverine but, that's TRex for you! Snappy's costume has been ready for some time. The three main pieces of it came from three amazing shops on Etsy! Makmay Designs created her tee, Juju's Tutus created her skirt and Allunara made the wings. I love how adorable she looks. Oh yes, we already had a photo shoot! Alas, TRex's pics will have to wait until the actual day of Halloween. Here's Snappy....

I am so looking forward to it this year. It's our first year with both of the kids actually participating and understanding what is going on. I remember the first year TRex actually "got it" and it was so funny. He went up to one house where an elderly couple was sitting on the porch. They tried to make small talk about his costume and he said "Hang on. Let me tell you something. Make with the candy." Yes, we talked about manners but, come on...that's funny.

I'm sure I'll be posting pics next week after our fun weekend! Upon discovering that I have next to no pics from our previous Halloween's, you can bet I'll be snapping away this weekend!