Thanks so much to everyone who entered all the giveaways this week! It was a very successful Grand Opening and I had a blast doing these giveaways! Everyone who entered the mini-giveaways was also entered into the Kylie Wrap Giveaway! If you didn't enter anything this week you still have a chance to enter to win the awesome Kylie Wrap! Whether you have a baby, know someone who has a baby or know someone who will someday have a baby, this is an awesome prize! There are tons of ways to enter and you can find them by clicking on Monday's post.

Everyone is highly encouraged to enter! The contest is open until midnight Sunday and the winner will be announced on Monday!

The winner of the $10 gift certificate is Christina G.!

For anyone in the south Texas area, I invite you to come out to Goliad Market Days this Saturday! There will be a Lollipops and Polka Dots booth there and it's just a super fun way to spend the day! Tons of local vendors, good food and fun outdoors! There are wonderful products at Market Days that are not featured on the website and maybe a surprise or two for those who mention the website when they visit our booth...

Happy Friday!
Have a great Easter weekend!
I'll announce the Kylie Wrap winner on Monday!
Thanks again for a wonderful week!