If you're here for the 5 Minutes For Mom Ultimate Blog Party, welcome! My party post is HERE.

You know, when Friends and Seinfeld days ended, I wasn't sure there would ever be shows that were that funny. Does anyone watch Modern Family or Cougar Town? I seriously laugh out loud every single time we watch those shows! True story.

Renting from Blockbuster this past weekend was a huge lapse in rational thinking. True story.

My sunburn from all the outdoor painting last weekend is starting to peel. Ugh. Though, I'm one of those sickos that loves to peel it off. Shhhhh.

Since being introduced to the Train song, Soul Sister, by some blogging buddies last week I have seriously listened to it a gazillion times. True love story.

Did you know that I'm having a Texas Blog Party this summer? True story.
It's going to be July 10th in Victoria, Texas.
Wanna come?
You're all totally invited!
Wanna know somethin'?
Keely from MannLand5 is coming!
And my favorite makes-me-pee-my-pants blogger, Nikki at Life As We Know It, swears she's trekkin' down for it!
If you're a BlogFrogger, specifically in the S.I.F. forum, some other posters you know and love might be there too!
Whether you're a blogger or not, email me if you are interested! I'm sending out the email invites and would love to send you one too!
Don't be shy!

In case you didn't know, I host some pretty amazing giveaways over on my Giveaway Page of the Lolidots blog.
True story.

Also, in case you didn't know, I have this blogging buddy who is a total peach.
Her name is Janae.
Her blog is Pink Moss.
Her handbag company is Native Honey.
Her bags are out of this world flippin' awesomely sah-weet!
True story.

And, we're giving one away!
Clickity click right HERE to get the scoop and enter to win one!

You know that little ray of sunshine named Snappy?

Sometimes she's not so much a ray of sunshine as she is a teenager with massive attitude.
True story.

Know what makes me happy?
When my sister in law brings the cutest nephew there ever was to my house to see me!
He definitely gets my "Squeezable Award"!

And because they say you should end things on a high note, and I just can't top that cuteness with anything right now, I'm out!