Our weekend started with a visit from my nephew. My brother and sister-in-law went to see Iron Maiden on Friday night and we got to keep this super cutie...

The cutie went home and we all donned our swimsuits and headed to a birthday pool party. 0007's cousin's son turned one and the party was a blast.

TRex is really becoming quite the little fish.

It's a hard job to kick back by the pool but, somebody's gotta do it.

Snappy is a party girl.

She was not happy after 0007 did this.

One of the cutest things of the day. Snappy and her cousin getting bubble blowing lessons from 0007's uncle and cousin.

Enjoying the day with my best girl!

And, what it was all about...

We really had such a good time. Love being around family. Love being in the sun. Love it all. Plus, we got tons of good pictures, which was more great practice since we are deciding to forge ahead into the photography business.

This weekend gets our stamp of approval. How was your weekend?

Wanna see more of our pics? I'm going to put a link on the sidebar soon but, you can check out our photography site HERE.