Things have been crazy busy around here for the last couple of months.

Our photography business has kind of blown up and we've been busy with that. The holidays hit and all the insanity around decorating and cooking and card mailing and gift wrapping and all has engulfed our house. TRex seems to have homework (in Kindergarten!) every day. Snappy is a constant source of humor and a whirlwind of activity. 0007 just started a new job. It's insanity. It's all good but, still insane!

And I'm left trying to find my footing.

I've been having to ask 0007 for some help in areas that I wouldn't normally ask him.

I hate asking for help. Mostly because I'm a control freak. I want something done a certain way and on a certain time frame. You pretty much have to give up control of that most of the time when you ask for help. Not my strong suit.

TRex had yet another project recently. Let me say that no one warned me of the homework that I would have when HE stared school. I quit all that homework shit years ago! Anyway, he needed to cut out hand prints for a Christmas tree they were making at school.

Tree made from kid hand prints, cute? Yes.

Pain in the butt because, as usual, I forgot until late that night? Definitely.

So, I traced TRex's hands and sent him off to bed and sweetly asked my awesome hubby if he could cut them out for me.

He obliged but...

Classic 0007. That's what I get for asking for help.