...as in, I don't have anything "prepared". Not as in, I don't have anything to say. Because, hell, that'll never happen! Ha!

I suppose I should start with "I'd like to thank the Academy..."

Oh wait, that's a different award.

How about...



I can't believe it!

One of my new bloggy friends, Samantha over at Our Family Journal, for some reason thinks I deserve this cool blog award! (You like that modesty?) Really though, I'm flattered. And excited. And happy that I get to bestow it on some other cool bloggers!

So, the fine print:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award and insert a link to their blog.

2. Pass on the award to about 15 other bloggers who you recently discovered and think are great!

3. Contact the other bloggers and let them know they have been chosen for this award (Done!)

4. Say 7 things about yourself.

Now, without further adieu, my choices...

1. Nikki from Life as we know it consistently and constantly cracks me up. I am in awe of her wit and humor. I check her blog all the time just hoping for a new post and a new reason to laugh my butt off.

2. Single, Infertile Female gets an award for her soul baring, courageous, amazingly well written journey to motherhood come hell or high water. She's a pretty cool chick too!

3. Jess from Keep it Together. I'm in no way partial after her order from my boutique! Her kids are gorgeous, her photos beautiful, her writing style is fun and breezy, her comments in the forum are thoughtful and involved and she's super sweet!

4. Scott at This Daddy's Blog because of his hilarity, vulgarity and man's perspective he brings to my little bloggy world and the blog frog community. He's got the market cornered on cute kids and his wife is way cool.

5. Tracy at My Crazy 4 because she is the better half of This Daddy's Blog! LOL (just kidding Scott!) They are equally awesome and I love when Tracy has time to pop in for blog frog discussions.

6. Kate from Kate's Life because, let's face it, any woman who names her appliances gets an award from me! I love Kate and her no-nonsense, tell it like it is, funny blogging. She 100% snagged me with a recent post about telling off some terrible parents at a movie theatre. Those things I wish I could do but, never have the guts to.

7. Mama M. from My Little Life because she cracks me up, I love her 5QF and her silliness and honest blogging.

I know I'm "supposed" to do 15 but, I've procrastinated many things to finally get to this post that I procrastinated since I got the award so, that's all I've got right now.

Now, for the 7 about myself. Hey, that worked out pretty well to do 7 blogs! I mean, that's why I did 7 blogs because I totally planned that.

1. I'm a rearranging nut. Seriously, I rearrange my furniture sometimes several times a month. I've always done it and probably always will. I know friends that have their furniture in the exact same place for years and years. I just can't do it. I get pissed when I have furniture that I can't move myself because I like to do my rearranging while hubby is at work. So, yeah, he never knows what he'll come home to.

2. My favorite candy bar is a Whatchamacalit. As soon as they first came out I was hooked. I'll buy them sometimes and hide them and eat them when the kids are in bed. What mom doesn't snack while the kids are sleeping? Cuz, momma don't share candy.

3. When I was little, all I ever wanted to be was a mom and a housewife. Seriously, I would pretend that I was a stay at home mom. That's what I wanted to be when I grew up. Now I am and I love it!

4. I can't bake. Not even muffin mix. It always ends up with something wrong with it. I don't know why. I am actually a very good cook. I can whip up and unbelievable dinner with no recipe. But, ask me to make something sweet that must go in the oven and you will get something misshapen and burnt on the bottom every time.

5. My favorite holiday is Halloween. We decorate more for Halloween at our house than we do for Christmas.

6. When I was in 4th grade I ran into a rope that was between two poles, clotheslined myself, fell backwards and broke my collar bone on a wooden beam laying on the ground. You can still tell which one I broke.

7. I don't eat breakfast. I don't think I've eaten breakfast since I was in junior high school. Nowadays it's coffee for breakfast and that's it. I'm just not hungry when I wake up and if I eat anything sweet (like hubby's Sunday morning cinammon rolls) it upsets my stomach. Though, I sure do love me some breakfast for dinner!

Alright, there you have it. Be sure to check out all those great blogs!