Hi everyone!
Things have been kind of slow everywhere lately. I really want to remind everyone to keep your heads up. Everything will turn around. Slow economy or not, things are always slow in the first quarter. America will pull itself out of this and our economy will go back up, it always does.

For any of you that have heard about the new CPSIA law, I am keeping an eye on things. It seems the date is approaching rapidly for the law to go into effect and we'll just all have to hope that the powers that be do the right thing and DON'T put tons of people out of business. If you are concerned I urge you to contact your local reps and congressmen and all that you can and send letters and whatever else you feel necessary. You can also visit http://reformcpsia.org/ and check things out for yourself.

In other news, there are lots of new things on the site and lots of stuff in the works. I'm working with other crafty moms to bring you all even more new products! There are some really great things coming.

Market Days in Goliad starts March 14th!! I hope to see many there! It's such a super fun day and something to take the whole family to. (Or get out for a day of "Mom time"!)

Keep checking in. Things change all the time!