Running a business can present certain challenges at times. It's nice to know there are people out there that have your back.

A couple of days ago I had a situation where a supplier couldn't fill an order. It was frustrating and I frantically searched for a way to make sure that my customer got what they needed and received my highest level of customer service. The situation called for me to take action and be professional where my supplier had failed to be.

I was overwhelmingly lucky enough to find a little shop called Bowzies for Babes. The shop owner, Jodi, went right to work trying to find the fabric I needed. After an exhausting search, she just couldn't find it. Did she stop looking? Nope! Guess what? She found it! Not only did she go above and beyond for me, a new customer to her, she saved my butt and allowed me to provide my customer with what she originally needed and wanted.

You know, it's people like this, shops like this, that renew my faith in the professionalism of small businesses. As a crafter, a business owner, a customer, etc, I cannot thank Jodi enough for being one of those businesses that deserves a salute for all they do. I truly believe that small businesses are the future of our country and through supporting one another we can overcome recession and corporate monopolies.

Bowzies for Babes is definitely an amazing shop, both for their customer service and their adorable items. Jodi's got some great instructions and supplies for all you bow makers out there and the tutus and baby wraps are too cute.

Big shout out, salute and tip of the hat to Bowzies for Babes and owner Jodi for the awesome customer service, adorable products and helping me out of a strawberry jam!

**Have you had the pleasure of dealing with a super business? Had a run in with some over the top fantastic customer service? Picked up an item you couldn't live without? Let me know about it! I'd love to be able to salute more businesses! Comment here (click title of post and then scroll down) or send me a quick email!