So, yesterday was the Texas Blog Party!

Yes, it was a blast!

Yes, the gals I met (Nikki, Shannon and Keely) were amazing and beautiful and their kids are adorable and it was just so cool to meet them!

No, I'm not a good party planner. I realized that yesterday. Party planning is not my calling.

Yes, I really want to get together with them again!

Yes, we will have another Blog Party!

No, I don't have pics yet. Well, except for this one of Snappy and me that Keely tweeted yesterday!

Yes, we did leave our camera at my brother in law's house last night and yes, we will be getting it later on today. Yes, you will be bombarded by pics in the next day or two.

Yes, I'm exhausted still and yes, I am choosing to pull a really old post that I came across today and rerun it. It's kind of fitting considering how much the kids have been driving me cah-razy with their fighting lately. Enjoy! Blog Party pics to come soon!

Tit for Tat

Those parents out there know what that means! Those words you mutter to yourself through clenched teeth after being asked the same question for the umpteenth time or after cleaning up yet another wet spot on the floor (does it even matter any more if it is juice or dog pee?)

I really do not believe any parent that claims not to have those moments of blind rage. Either they have never met their child or their child is a robot programmed to not be annoying. I also know that anyone who judges these parents is NOT a parent themselves!

I love my kids more than anything but Snappy and TRex are really good at being insane little heathens! Why is it that when a child needs to stay where they are they become track stars and you can't catch them to save your life, yet when you are in a super hurry, all of a sudden they need to see what that spot on the ground is. They also need to pee again and their toe itches and they forgot to touch that toy over there and, you get the point.

I think I'd probably get arrested if I went up to a woman in the grocery store and tried to grab the box of cereal out of her hands. Not because I really want it but because obviously I can't let her have it! And once she's forgotten about it I'll set it down because I never really wanted it to begin with. Seriously, this happened three times in my house this morning!! And, believe me, it's not for a lack of toys!

And why is it that in a huge room with tons of seating all of a sudden TRex has wedged himself into the three inches between me and the end of the couch? Really? Nowhere else to sit? Oh, I see...if you sit on the other side of me we'll both actually be able to breathe and move! We couldn't have that now could we?

Oh, I love them! I love that TRex doesn't want to be sweet to me until I'm working. And then he wants to hang all over me. I love that they wait til I sit down before they need something. I love that Snappy is so spoiled that she is already a monster fit thrower (though I alone seem to know they are fake). I love that they go from happy to fighting in .01 seconds. I love that their angry screams can be heard only by dogs.

I love that stuff because I also get...
TRex hugs
Snappy nose kisses
"I wush you"
"I'm so proud of you Mom"
to watch TRex play superheroes with his Daddy
Snappy fingers held out waiting for nail polish
to see little faces light up when they see me
to know that I get all this forever!

Because without all the rip-your-hair-out moments you'd never get to the remember-this-forever moments.

But they still drive me crazy!