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Almost don't even wanna say that I'm glad it's over. It might still be lurking and waiting for me to let my guard down.

They obviously put out a mass douchebag call for this round of contestants. One should match up nicely with Ali's shallowness and annoyingly inappropriate laughter.

True story.

For realz. I'm getting damn excited about this. I'm stoked for the peeps who have put a firm yes down for the RSVP, hopeful for the maybe's and lookin' for more who wanna join us!

I'm a Netflix junkie. Really, they should pay me. I'm their biggest fan. And, I'm the newest biggest fan of Lie to Me. If you've never seen it, you must. If you love, 20 cool points. That movie Grass is a documentary that 0007 and I watched. Woody Harrelson narrates it. I know what you're thinking. It's not. It's actually an eye-opening account of marijuana through the decades. Worth a watch.

Have a great day!