I love photography. I love taking pictures. I love photoshopping. I love looking at pictures. I love really good photography and can appreciate all of it. It's in my blood, I suppose. My parents own a very successful photography studio and my mom's been taking pics for as long as I can remember. My husband has his photography business and I love to work with him and do my part. I absolutely adore scouring the web for really cool photographers. There are some extremely talented people out there. My friend Carl is one of them.

For many wonderful years I lived in Austin, Texas. If you've never been there, you are missing out. You won't find a place anywhere else that's anything like it. A portion of Carl's photography captures the essence of Austin like nothing I've ever seen. I'm actually purchasing a rather large print of one for hubby's bday next month. Shhhhh.
Doesn't matter if you know Austin or not. This is an amazing pic...

And this captures the heart of Texas so perfectly it makes me smile everytime I see it...

Yes, that's a statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn overlooking LadyBird Lake. Does it get more Texas than that?

Oh, sure it does!

Love it!

Carl's got so many amazing shots that I'd love to have prints of. This is one of my faves...

I really want that one!

There's such an amazing array of different genres in Carl's portfolio. I really think there's something for everyone. You'll find really cool nature shots, beautiful churches, all the awesome Austin living pics (like the live music and the UT tower), wedding photos, modeling shots, and really cool abstract smoke art.

Any of Carl's pictures would look amazing as large prints but I think they'd be cool in smaller frames too! I'd love to do a collage of smaller prints on a wall. And the prices are so very reasonable it'd be pretty easy to put together!

To see all of Carl's photos CLICK HERE.
You can contact Carl through facebook HERE
or myspace HERE
or contact ME and I'll get you in touch with him.

**Look all you want but please don't touch! All images are property of the artist and, trust me, Karma does not take kindly to art thieves!