Today's installment of Passive-Agressive Notes is...

Dear Nigerian Princess/Lawyer for the Deceased/Euromillion Lottery/et al.,

I'm thrilled you've selected me to inherit your millions! I feel like the luckiest girl alive! Just yesterday a Prince left me as his benefactor and today I'm winning 500,000 Euros? What's that? Oh, you need my bank account info? Why? Oh, to wire the money? That makes perfect sense!! And it's nice to read that note at the bottom that claims the money is free from laundering and drug related offenses. That puts my mind at ease!

No thanks. I'd like to respectfully decline. I do not with to lose all of my money. I also do not wish to go to jail. I'd like to find you and smack you around a little bit though.

Sick of Your Spam

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