Bill and Ted may have been the most annoying duo in history (or maybe that was Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin in BioDome) but, you know you just read that title in their voices.

So, I'm having a little party.

An online party.

A jewelry party.

I'm having an online jewelry party!

Please take your feet off the coffee table and use a coaster.

The appetizers are on the bar.

What kind of jewelry is it?

Chunky Bling!



They have adorable cluster necklaces and the coolest freakin' bead watches. I love love that everything is customizable. I recently got a bead watch and I'm definitely ordering more. They are too stinkin' cute!

Plus, super affordable.

And when I, the queen of free, say something is affordable, you can bet that it is.

I'm definitely thinking that one of these watches is going to be perfect for TRex's Kindergarten teacher. Don't forget teacher gifts!

So, ready for the wild party part of it?

Click HERE (or any of the other links on this post) and use the coupon code ROBIN87 and you'll get 15% OFF YOUR ORDER!!!

Can I get an Amen?

Hurry though because it's only for this week!!!

So, you frugal ladies I love so much, get yo' butts over there and rack up on some awesome gifts for your holiday shopping at really great prices!

And, don't you male readers be skippin' out of here so fast! You know your better-halves would love some of this jewelry for Christmas!!

So, grab a drink, a plate of cookies, don't let the dog inside and no dancing on the dining room table. This ain't THAT kind of party!

Now get your party on! And you don't have to talk like Bill and Ted while you do it.


If you purchase from Chunky Bling during this party week, come back to this post and comment to tell me you ordered and I'll do a special Chunky Bling giveaway of my own!

And, I'm linking this up to Mama M.s Gift Guide this week because this stuff is seriously PERFECT for Teacher Gifts! Woot!