Well, we survived our Christmases. Yes, we had 6. Yes, it was a blast. Yes, we are exhausted!

Christmas Eve took us to my grandparents' house during the early afternoon. Stuffed and laden with presents, we left there to make a quick change of clothing at our house and then head to hubby's parents' house.

Once the kids had ripped into their scooters and other toys, we were off to hubby's big family Christmas. The food at that one is unbelievable. Seriously, the family is big but, there is always enough food to feed triple the number of people! I am incredibly lucky though. I have amazing in-laws. My hubby has three brothers and tons of cousins that are as close as siblings. With all the older generations chatting and dozens of kids at our feet, we always have a wonderful time.

Christmas morning was fun in our house this year. The kids had a ball opening all their gifts and Snappy, now old enough to understand what's going on, delighted us all with her joy.

Christmas Day we spent the afternoon with more of hubby's fam and it was lovely, as usual. The kids have a blast playing in the country, riding the trailers and watching the dads play football.

Our Christmas ended with Saturday at my parents' house. I love this one. Not that I don't enjoy all the other fun but, being with my husband and kids, my siblings and parents is just so nice. The big crowds are fun and jovial but, the quieter times with my parents are always something I cherish. And my mom is pretty awesome for making Mexican food instead of another day of turkey! She also surprised me with an awesome present this year. I've been dying for an old cedar chest and had resigned myself to the thought that it would be years before I found one and could afford it. Of course, my amazing mom found me one! The chest and the fact that she got TRex the Spiderman toy that he's been wanting desperately for months, made her the hero of the day!

We are so very blessed to have such a large family that loves us and that we love to spend time with. I'm always reminding hubby how thankful we should be to have these memories and these amazing people in our lives.

We did take pics. This doesn't even scratch the surface of the pics we took. Over 400 in the first day alone. And hubby pulled out the video camera and actually filmed quite a lot. I'll have to post a vid sooner or later because you haven't laughed until you've seen Snappy opening presents and exclaiming "Oh my gosh!" to every single thing. I'm sure I'll bombard the blog with pics for at least a week or so!

I hope everyone else had a really memorable Christmas this year. Our fridge is full of leftovers. The rooms are full of new toys. The garage is full of boxes. Our hearts are full of love.

And our ears are full of overtired, overindulged children whose lives need to get back to normal very soon!