A recent thread on Blog Frog got me thinking about destiny, serendipity and pain in the butt moments in time. I've thought about this a lot in my life. Is there desitny? Is there fate? Do things happen for a reason or is it all just random coincidence? After years of life and pondering, I truly think that everything happens for a reason.


The toilet overflowing.

The tree on the windshield.

Stubbing your toe.

Missing a bus.

Lost love.

Found love.



From the smallest annoyance to the biggest event, I think it's all meant to be.

The problem is that sometimes the reason isn't clear or even immediate. That light bulb that went out needs to be replaced. You go to change it and you are out of light bulbs. So, instead of going to the store tomorrow as planned, you go today. Maybe tomorrow you are home instead of being at the store and you happen to catch a really important news program. Maybe you are home instead of the store and it pours down rain all day. Maybe something terrible happens at the store and you aren't there because you already went. The reason for the light bulb may not even happen that soon. But, I think that eventually that light bulb and every other thing is what makes up the moments and the cause/effects of your life.

I suppose that my belief that all things happen for a reason is what keeps me from regretting my life. I've certainly got many things in my past, my heyday, my party life before my family, that I am neither proud of nor would repeat. Despite those things that will remain un-talked about (and some I may share someday), I know that I would absolutely not be the person I am today had my life not played out in the exact way it has.

Every light bulb.

Every burned tongue.

Every bad choice.

Every missed chance.

Every opportunity seized.

Every heart broken.

Every tear shed.

Every laugh.

Every step of every day...

Has led me here. There was a reason for all of it. I look at the faces of my kids, my husband and those who know me and love the person I am now and I know there was a reason for every single freakin' bit of it. And now, when things happen, whether they are good, bad or insignificant, I remember just how important every detail is.

Yep. There's definitely a reason.