Monday. Blah. They used to not bother me. When I was a stay at home mom of two kids and had no real schedule, Mondays only meant that 0007 had to return to work. Now that one of those kids is in school, it means that I have to do one of the things I hate the most.


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So, after 2 weeks off of school, two weeks of sleeping in, two weeks of bickering between the kids all day long, the first Monday of 2011 arrived and I was reluctant to get up but, glad to get back to my normal weekly routines.

We stayed up too late Sunday night. I knew we'd all be super tired and crabby getting up early for the first time since school got out for the winter break. But, after not too much fighting and crying, we were ready and headed out the door. TRex was actually going to be a tiny bit early for his first day back!

We pulled up to the school and the first thing I noticed was the lack of kids on the playground. Usually it's full right before school. Then I realized that there weren't that many cars in the parking lot. There were cars but, not a bunch dropping off kids like usual. I checked my clock a zillion times, convicing myself that it was the right time and we weren't super late or anything.

Parked and went to get TRex out of the car. That is when a teacher passing by politely mentioned, "There's no school today."

What the whaaa?!

Are you kidding me?!

Nope. No school. Teacher In-Service Day.

Well, now it all makes sense.

But, seriously? How could I not have known this?

So embarrasing. Though, it could have been worse. At least I had gotten fully dressed, fixed my hair and put on makeup. After all, I got up at 6!! It could have been something more like this...

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So, we went and grabbed breakfast, came home and we all grabbed an awesome morning nap.

This afternoon I realized that there are TWO calendars on the fridge. A school year calendar with important days marked and a lunch calendar. Had I looked at EITHER of them, I would have seen that school doesn't start back until tomorrow.

Forehead meet palm.

Oh well. We'll call it a dry run for tomorrow?