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Snappy did NOT fall asleep in another odd place and position. I did not leave her there simply to enjoy the quiet for a moment.

We did not spend a ton of time in the backyard on Sunday. It was not a beautiful day and we had no fun whatsoever. My kids do not find it necessary to put lawn chairs in the pool and their choice of pool toys is not the slightest bit strange.

It did not take me about 10 minutes of continues snapping to finally get a semi-decent shot of TRex. This is not at all due to the fact that all of a sudden he has decided to smile like a court jester on drugs when a camera is pointed at him.

I do actually love that shot though.

In Snappy's own words "I NOT WET SHIRT!" Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

This was not already her third change of clothes since she decided to get out of the pool. My children NEVER change into dry clothes only to get right back in.

I did not spend some of my time ogling my hubby while he worked!

At 1:30AM last Thursday our power did not go out for a moment. I had not just gotten in the shower. First, I would never be up late enough to shower at that time. I did not freak out and hop out of the shower dripping water through the house as I ran to my laptop (the only light still in the house). After a few minutes, when the lights came back on, I did not resume my shower all the while wondering if the serial killer was about to jump out. I do not have a vivid imagination.

Last night before going to bed, one of the toilets did not break. I did not use every single towel in the house to clean up the water. I did not throw the wet towels in the bathtub because I was too tired to do more than that. I am not left wondering after the tree on the van, the windshield people not giving us our stickers back, the washing machine having to be replaced and now the toilets (oh yes, it's not both of them now)...what is next? I am not to the point where all I can do is laugh at the bad luck.