This blog carnival was started by MckMama over at My Charming Kids. Go check her out and see what other people have NOT been up to!

So, I did NOT end up on my hands and knees scrubbing the other bathroom after already spending hours on the first one. Seriously, do not ever take for granted when you move into a home that has already been cleaned!

I also did NOT get so excited about my upcoming Halloween Spooktacular Giveaway Week that I went ahead and pulled out some of the Halloween decor for our house. It's just my all time favorite holiday. So much fun and I love all the costumed kiddos! I don't mind the candy either.

While I was on such a roll with the fun Halloween stuff, I did NOT sit down and crank out a few of these...

How cute are those? They aren't on the site yet but, if you've just gotta have them you can email me!

Last week was a total monsoon. It rained. stormed all week. I seriously haven't been to the post office since Tuesday. If you saw my Wordless Wednesday post last week then you know what happened to us because of that rain.

NO! That is NOT a tree ON MY CAR!!! The van is NOT still in the shop and I am NOT going bonkers without it.

At least I've got tons of orders to fill and giveaways to feature while I can't go anywhere!

We got a few small breaks in the rain last week and hubs was able to get a few good shots of me in my True Kiss Clothing top.

Isn't it awesome! I absolutely do NOT want you to head over to the Giveaway page and enter to win one!