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We did not get a scare when we thought one of our dogs was gone this weekend. Hubby was not devastated. He drove all over town (remember, we live in Mayberry) and couldn't find him. To our surprise he did NOT reappear Sunday morning seeming a little roughed up. Hubby's hypothesis? A mean person picked him up and drove off and he hurt himself when he jumped out of their moving vehicle. Hmmmmm. I have no idea what happened but we are thrilled to have him back. Luckily the kids never noticed and we will pray this never happens again.

I did not get absolutely addicted to Grey's Anatomy last week. The deal is, I have been able to avoid this show for 5 whole seasons. I was looking for something to watch on Netflix the other day and the 5th season was on there. I flippantly chose to watch an episode. Um, I did NOT finish the entire season in a matter of three days. I would not put other things aside to watch that much of a show. I did NOT bawl my eyes out on most episodes and am not at all looking forward to watching more of it. I also did not decide that Dr. Mark Sloan is my new object of desire.

Snappy has not suddenly developed an aversion to clothing. The only thing she wore last week agreeably certainly wasn't her Daddy's shirts. I take that back. She also was quite insistent that I tie a piece of fabric around her instead of making the blanket I had planned.

TRex did NOT come up with this pose on his own and out of the blue. His Daddy was not proud at all!

We did not get our tickets to go see Daughtry! Yay!!!