This blog carnival was started by MckMama. Check out her blog to see what she and everyone else has NOT been up to.

Snappy and I were not sick all week. Poor Snappy. Poor Mommy. Though, Superman and Superboy (aka, hubby and TRex) seemed immune. Snappy and I are both doing better, she more than me. I'm being a trooper though. No worries oinking around here. Just sinus problems and earaches!

Earlier in the week, after Snappy was done playing with dishes in the bottom cabinets of the kitchen, I most certainly did NOT pick them up off the floor and put them back in the cabinet without washing them. I mean really, it's not like she had the funnels in her mouth using them as horns. It's not like my floor is dirty or anything! I would definitely not put those dishes up, memorizing which she'd played with so that I could wash them later. I would not do that.

Hubby and I did NOT completely seal our fate as boring people by opting for two, yes TWO, documentaries this weekend instead of action packed blockbusters or romantic comedies, etc. Though, I would totally recommend the documentary we watched about what happened at Waco in 1993. Eye opening to say the least.

We did not have to cancel our trip to the beach on Saturday due to...well, it certainly was not the universe telling us to stay home. A hubby that doesn't get ready until the precise moment you have indicated you will be leaving, a son who draws fake eyebrows on himself, a daughter who cries for an hour because she didn't want her diaper changed, and a truck that won't start. Oh, that's right. The truck did NOT give us problems. It's okay though. It was just the battery. By the time hubby got it fixed and was ready to go I had given up on the idea and told him that there were far too many things telling us not to go! So, grocery store and hanging out at home was a pretty nice Saturday afternoon. Oh, and the grilled steaks and homemade mashed potatoes were a nice end to the day.

No. I did not just put a pic there that has nothing to do with anything else. It's not just because I didn't have pics for this post. It's also one of my fave pics of all my peeps!