Stellan is doing much better! He's still not out of the woods and his doctors will probably operate, but he's hanging in there! Read MckMama's update on her blog!
Prayers for Stellan
In lieu of my normal Not Me Monday post, I just want to take a moment to say to everyone, whether you are a follower or friend of MckMama or not, please take a moment and pray, send a positive thought, an email, a blog comment or anything her way.

Those of you who follow her blog will know that times are rough right now for sweet little Stellan. I cannot in my wildest nightmares imagine what she is going through and am constantly amazed by her grace and strength.

Go hug your kids. Be thankful for everything today. Send a special thankyou up above for what you have in your life. The MckFamily is always endlessly grateful for what they have while they are in so much pain. We should all learn from them. And pray for them. Pray for Stellan.

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Do you have a special Not Me Monday or prayer for Stellan? Add your site to the Mr. Linky or leave a comment and check out these other great blogs for more Links and prayers for Stellan.

This post will run until Mr. Stellan pulls out of this. Please come and leave your prayers, thoughts, comments and links. Rally around this little guy and send your love.