So, MckMama has given us a fun new twist on these posts! Join everyone in celebrating the crazy things your kids did NOT do this past week! Check out My Charming Kids for all the Not Me Monday fun!

My TRex did NOT prove once again that boxes are often more fun than the toys that came in them.

Snappy certainly did NOT fall asleep in her Snoogie Seat this afternoon because someone (not me) forgot naptime.

It's obvious that there was no fun to be had for TRex and Snappy at the bday party we attended this weekend!

My office is not messy. My kid's toys aren't all over the place and I haven't become complacent about letting Snappy play with year old back inventory. She really boosts my ego with her constant "oooh, cute mom!".
Ahem, NOT that I need an ego boost. And I certainly don't soak it up when TRex says "Mom, you look beautiful."
I did not watch this over and over again before uploading it.

As the amazingly wonderful and attentive mom that I am, it certainly wasn't me that allowed far too much Lilo and Stitch watching this past week. And after TRex refused to stop the irritating noises and demanding to be called Stitch, it wasn't me that banned the show.

Ummm, it wasn't me that caved when I needed to clean the kitchen.