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While cleaning a friend's house last week someone was attacked by a cat. A super sweet, cat loving, good friend was attacked by a demon cat. While minding her own business, putting Christmas present sheets on her friend's bed, this dear girl was attacked by an old-aged watchdog cat.

It certainly was not me who was charged by a hissing, growling, teeth baring, paw thrashing feline.

It was not me who was literally chased from the friend's home by this demon cat.

It was not me who, quite shaken, called my the friend and listened to the hysterical laughter about the cat encounter.

Seriously people. That cat hates me this person.

I have never in my life seen a cat so undaunted by a human's efforts to sling a jacket in it's direction in order to get it to stop charging.

But, undaunted she was.

In my mind, it looked a little like this...

Really though, that freakin' cat hates me. And my friend is still laughing.