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On to the Monday festivities...

Not Me Monday was started by MckMama. Are you feeling guilty for some of the insane and inevitable things that happen in our lives? Head over to her blog and join in the fun blog hop and see what everyone else has NOT been up to!

I did not head out to the post office last week in my pajamas. Oh sure, that's not too bad, especially since we live in Mayberry. But, I certainly did not make the conscious decision to wear my pajamas only to go and put on makeup. My egocentricity (that's a word) isn't that skewed.

It was not me pulling white freakin' hair out of my head last week. Really? White hair? That pact with the devil is lookin' pretty good right now.

It was not me and hubby who spent our Saturday moving out old furniture, moving in new furniture and rearranging! It's totally not me who gets all heart pounding excited over rearranging. Not me going crazy that now that the furniture is moved, the pictures on the walls look weird and really need to be moved. I'm not weird like that. Also totally not thinking about rearranging more today. Totally not.

It was not me who sat in the living room for the entire Superbowl and didn't know who was winning. I was totally paying attention and not taking pics or playing on the computer. We did have fun though! Low key kind of fun.

Snappy borrowed my Saints jersey.

Hubby's youngest brother came over and hung out. The kids love him.

Little bit of indoor football.

A friend of my brother-in-law came by as well. It was not my son that was totally smitten.

Not me cringing about what is in store for us with this girl crazy TRex. Oy vey!