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It did not go from literally freezing temps to tank top weather and back to freezing all in the span of the last 7 days. That would never happen south Texas! I'm so over the cold weather. I loved when it got cold. Love wearing my cute winter clothes. Love wearing jackets and curling up with comfy blankets. But, after the warmth of yesterday, I'm over it. I certainly didn't buy three tank tops last week because I'm so ready for the cold to be over. After chastising myself for buying clothes I wouldn't be able to wear for a while, I was not over the moon when it warmed up enough to wear one of them already. I was not cursing the weather when later that same day the gale force winds brought the freezing temps back to my warm backyard. Poo.

Hubby and I went out on our Valentine's Date on Friday. After waiting 20 minutes for a table, I did not throw a hissy fit and demand to see the manager when another couple snuck in and took the table that we were about to get. Said couple was made to move and the amazing manager brought us free appetizers. Score! There was a time that I probably would have let it go but, dammit, I was hungry!

After the table was recovered from Mr. and Mrs. Cut in Line, hubby and I did not take nearly two hours to eat our dinner and dessert. It was just so awesome to be able to eat a hot meal and talk with no interruptions. When we were done, we had no idea what to do. Not that the town is so bustling that there was much to do but, when you get a babysitter once in a blue moon, it kinda sucks to go home after two hours! We did not contemplate sneaking back home and heading to hubby's shop instead of the front door. We did not end up just going to Walmart and looking for Valentine's gifts for the kids.

We are not lame.

We were home by 11.

Really. We are NOT lame.

It was a nice little night out though. Just enough time alone and the kids had a blast with their new babysitter that we're hoping we've now snagged as our regular.