Totally doing my Not Me Monday post on Sunday night! Once it's Monday, head over to MckMama's blog and see what everyone else is NOT up to.

I did not drop a container of laundry detergent on my foot at the grocery store. Said box did not land with it's corner in the skinniest and most sensitive part of my foot. I did not almost cry at the checkout. I did not have to hobble around and wonder if it was broken for the entire day and night. (feeling better now!)

Snappy did not get the candy sprinkles several times this week. I would NOT have been so stupid as to put them back on the same shelf in the pantry! That stupidity of mine would not have led to Snappy dumping an entire bottle of those sprinkles on her bedroom floor.

I have NOT been using my daughter's potty this week. Our toilets are not still messed up and forcing some creative solutions. This potty certainly isn't the kind that plays "princess" music when the child pees. So, every time I go to the bathroom, Snappy says "Yay Mommy! You did it!"

I have not been restarting the same load of clothes in the dryer all weekend so that I can "fluff and fold". I'm about to go start them again and I am NOT going to forget about them. (or am I???)