Whew! I haven't done a Not Me Monday post in a while. You can check out other bloggers and what they have NOT been doing in the MckLinky on MckMama's blog.

I did not miss the concert I have been planning on going to since the first time I saw the commercial months ago. It's not like it was a Daughtry concert. Not like the opening band was one of my favorite bands. Not like it was something I've been looking forward to for months! I certainly did not cry every time hubby and mother-in-law texted me a pic! Yes, I told hubby to go without me. No reason for us to both miss it. I mean I was the only one with my head in the toilet!

I did not walk into the kitchen the other day to find that Snappy had dumped an entire container of coffee cream powder out. White powder covering the floor, table, chairs, counter...I did not consider just walking away.

I did not get up at 3AM the other night to find that my son was still wide awake and watching a movie in his room. Good grief. The night owl doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess.

We had a great Sunday with some family (who are also great friends). In an attempt to get some pics to use for presents, I dressed the kids semi-nicely and tried to get some pics. Tried is the operative word. Certainly did not end up with stuff like this...

But, I managed to get a few good ones too!

Snappy did not spill bright red juice on one of their dining room table chairs. Um....yeah.