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So, how was our weekend? Well, it was quiet. It was uneventful. It was relaxing. It was filled with the noises of brother and sister loving each other and playing peacefully. NOT!

I certainly did not have to tell the kids one zillion times to stop fighting. I did not almost lose my mind from the constant screaming. TRex has not become quite annoyed with Snappy. Snappy has not decided that everything must be her way or the loud way.

On Saturday I managed to corral them for a little fingerpainting fun.

And it did NOT end like this...

I did not accidentally scrub Snappy's fingers too much after forgetting that my mother had painted her nails orange. Oops.

I did not get some really fantastic pics of Snappy. I also didn't get so carried away that I only got a few of TRex.

She certainly has NO attitude at all!

I did not spend all day Sunday working on 5 different blog posts. I did not do it in my pajamas.

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