Hi everyone!
I've been keeping busy filling orders and coming up with some great new products!

The first exciting announcement is that I will soon be carrying more things for little boys! You can customize the baby products, pillows and blankets for a little boy but, coming soon I will be offering customizable SuperHero Capes and play sword belts ( a la Peter Pan)!!! Super fun stuff for super cool little dudes!

I've also got something up my sleeve for the moms! I'll soon be unveiling my line of women's and junior's dresses!!! They are versatile and hip halter dresses that will flatter all body types and I will have them available soon!!

I'm going to be adding some other things to the site that are coming to me from other incredibly crafty moms and wonderful women. So, be on the lookout for all the new stuff soon to be on the site!

So, there's some teasers for the new products! I'm steadily working on things and building the inventory. If any of you have suggestions or comments I'd love to hear from you. You can use the "Contact Us" link from the home page or feel free to email me at robin@lolidots.com anytime. You can always email me with special orders or requests!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Spring and gearing up for Summer! I'll be here bringing you the cutest in items for your kids all year round! Check back, bookmark the site, and sign up for the mailing list!!

Take care,
Robin Haws