Okay, so I really want to get better with keeping this blog updated! I need to make it part of my morning routine. So, I'll start today.

In Lollipops and Polka Dots news, things have been busy lately. I've added some "Crafty Moms" to my store and am thrilled!     Sara is a wonderful mom in OK with a cutie patootie little girl. Sara's sippy cups and inserts are definitely a must have for the fashion forward tots! Hopefully I'll have mine in a week or so! She's very creative with all she does and I'm uber excited to have her products on the website.
    Kathy is a (very young looking) grandma from near me in Corpus. I had the pleasure of meeting her recently and she's just so sweet and talented.
    Krista is a very talented family member who I'm putting the screws in to make more of her decopauged buckets for the site!
    Amanda is one of my best friends. Anyone who comes to the booth in Goliad will meet her. She makes the cutest picture frames and message boards. She used to do the bows with me but alas, she is currently not a stay at home mom so she doesn't have near the time on her hands that I do! I'm very excited to have her doing market days with me. She always has the cutest ideas! After market days I'll have her products on the website so stay tuned.
    My sister in law's mother made an adorable sippy cup/bottle/toy holder for her baby shower this past weekend. I'm begging her to make more for the website. Keep you fingers crossed that I'll have pics of them soon!
So, those are my "Crafty Moms" currently. I'm still scouring for more so that I can bring you all as many cute kid's products as possible under one "roof". I just don't have time to make it all myself!

More to come...promise!