Dude, today really got away from me.

I was going to vlog my Lost post for the day. I really was. Yet, there's no vlog attaching going on here.

I was feeling in a rut today. Feeling unproductive. Unmotivated. Unable to be either.

So, I started out with Thrifty Decor Chick and then went to clicking on the blogs that had linked up to one of her things. I perused tons of blogs where people are doing all sorts of awesome redo's in their homes and it totally inspired me. Well, inspired and depressed me. It's raining here today....no spray painting can go on. (I think I'm out of the good colors anyway.) It seems like every project I want to do, I'm missing something I need. I am getting a lot of those projects worked out in my head some. I'm starting to have some ideas that are totally outside of my little bland box. We'll see!

I have been doing stuff here and there. Trying desperately to do what I can with what I have. Because, spending money on home remodeling or new furniture is just not in the cards right now. Oh, how I'd love to hit some garage sales! I have gotten so many awesome ideas from so many awesome blogs. Really, if you need some inspiring, check out Thrifty Decor Chick and her readers!

So, a couple of months ago I did redo something that I've had for a loooooong time. When I was a tiny tot, my grandpa built me a toy box. It's an amazing toy box and I've always loved it and always dreamed of passing it to my kids someday. It's been recovered so many times but, the coolest thing is that the original fabric is still under all the other layers. Love that. Well, it had been sitting in Snappy's closet for a while. I had recovered it and filled it with crap.

I cleaned it out and had an idea.

Some black paint and some of the fabric that hangs in the kitchen....

Voila! A cute little seat for beside the back door that is perfect for storing the piles and piles of shoes that end up there!

I've spent the day staring at my kitchen. I have some ideas. I spend so much of my time in the kitchen. It's open to the living room. It's really the central part of my home. It's important to me that it makes me happy to look at it. It's also kinda small. We do have dreams of grandeur that we'll do some major remodeling someday but, for now, it's redecorating and that's it.

I know that painting the walls will change it so much. I just don't know what colors to use. 0007 says that the cabinets are gonna be a mo fo to paint because they'll need to be sanded. My natural reaction is to pfft that thought and just start painting. The thing is, the universe likes to remind me that 0007 is usually right about stuff like that and when I don't listen to him when he says "prime it", I always regret it.

I took the cabinet doors off the upper cabinets on one side of the kitchen today. I have an aversion to cabinet doors. I always see pics in magazines where there are no cabinet doors or they have the kind with glass panes and I just love it. You know what the difference is between those cabinets and mine? Those are filled with pretty, matching dishes. Mine...are not. But, I still wanted to take the doors off. You know...just to see.

I have some insanely pretty (and expensive...don't know where it came from) lace fabric. I hung it up with thumbtacks just to see what it would look like.

Now, listen to me people. I do not like to share my halfway-there-projects. It messes with my mojo. I'm making an exception because I want some input.

I like the no doors. I like the lace. I like the fabric upper. I don't think I like it all together. I don't know if it's just that the cabinets need to be painted or if it's just me.

Give me some input. What should I do here? What color should I paint the wood? Should I leave the lace, lose the fabric upper and paint there instead? Does the lace need a trim? Something different altogether? Keep it just as it is? What do y'all think?

I'm open to suggestions as long as you don't comment on how badly that table needs to be cleaned!

If you were looking for a Lost post, I'm super sorry. I've got all this house crap on the brain. I did take vigilant notes during last night's episode! I'm going to post in my community on BlogFrog so, come join in!