Well, the Uhaul will be here this evening.

Things are a little crazy.

The house is a wreck.

The kids are insane.

I've lost most control of cleaning and regulating what's going on.

A few days of relaxed rules never hurt, right? I've got so much to do. Seriously, I'm looking around and thinking it's never going to be done. I'm to the point of just throwing random crap into boxes with the intention of sorting it out upon unpacking. My nice organized packing lasted all of a few hours! How does one family accumulate so much stuff? It's all the weird random things that don't really have a place except where they've been thrown for the time being. I vow right now to have a much more organized and streamlined existence in the new place! I filled two trashbags in the bathroom! Why was I saving 5 old deodorants with half an armpit's worth of stuff in them? How many bottles with two drops of conditioner does one person need? Ugh. It felt sooo good to throw that all out. Nice to purge. I need to do that with the kids toys! I've already got two big boxes of toys set aside to get rid of. I mean, I think we can probably get rid of all the broken things, kids meal toys, and plastic balls that quarter machine toys come in. I'm terrible about keeping stuff around because I think I remember them playing with it once. Not anymore. With the move and both of their birthdays coming up, we are downsizing the toys!

So, yes we are moving today and tomorrow. Yes, the boutique and blog are still open for business. I am answering emails as quickly as I can. Paid orders will take precedence over everything else for the next week or so. There are some great giveaways running on the Giveaway page and those will run for the remainder of the week. We'll have winners and new giveaways starting next week.

TRex's birthday is this Thursday! My little baby boy is turning 5! I can hardly believe it. We are taking him to see Peter Pan the Musical at the Victoria Theatre on Friday. I am sooo excited to take him to this! He is going to love it!  Snappy will be 2 in a couple of weeks. Ugh. We are feeling the pains of that age already. All of us. Poor TRex is getting the brunt of her bossiness and mean streak! Keep an eye out in the next few weeks because I think I'll probably have some kind of really cool giveaway to celebrate the birthdays of Snappy and TRex!

Well, I've got to go repack the boxes that Snappy is unpacking. Serentiy Now.