She picks up the never ending to do list. Tiptoeing through the house before her family wakes, she pulls a sippy cup from one bed and quietly photographs one of the sleeping children. After a whirlwind of breakfast and dressing (neither of which she gets to do for herself), an embarrassment at the hands of the got-it-all-together mom and sending the family off to their day, she sits down with a few minutes to blog.

Sound like your life already?

Within the first few minutes of the movie Motherhood, starring Uma Thurman, I knew that I was going to totally relate to and love this movie. The movie takes all the insanity that a mom deals with, throws it into the pot together and dumps it all at once on the main character. I love that so many issues I can relate to are melded together in Motherhood.

While dealing with the "perfect parent", the snobby bystander, the obnoxious non-parents and everything else in her hectic day, I found it interesting and entirely "real" that the mother still judges other parents. It's a very true part of being a parent; judging and being judged. And often, judging yourself.

The overlying message and question of "What does motherhood mean to you?" and the balancing act of defining oneself apart from mere motherhood is a theme that I know will resonate with other moms.

Playground politics, money issues, blogging mistakes and losing one's identity are all things that can leave a mom feeling lost and maybe even a little desperate.

The thing is, being a mom doesn't have to mean you lose yourself and it doesn't have to mean you can't have passion and be passionate about things other than your children.

The two can coexist.

Yes, once a mom always a mom.

But, that doesn't have to mean that you can't be who you were before motherhood.

At least some version of it.

The struggle between those things is normal for moms to go through. Balancing one's former identity with the all-consuming identity of being a mom was portrayed in this movie wonderfully. I really enjoyed it and can definitely recommend it to others.

And, as my daughter smacks my face to get me to hurry up while I type this, I can smile and realize that I can be a mom and many other things.

I've just got to keep my humor about me.

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