Mommy's Organized Chaos - A Guide to Putting Away Leftovers

When you are an Organized Chaotic Mommy you don't just go to do one task, complete it and walk away. Any OCM worth her stuff knows that there will be five million other things to do during the simple task at hand. The trick is to flow through them seamlessly, with ease, effortlessly...yeah right.

1. Go to the kitchen to get a drink.
2. See leftovers sitting on stove and think "I should put those up now. Dinner was hours ago."
3. Open the fridge and realize that the leftovers from tw o nights ago are taking up much needed room.
4. Go to get a tupperware for fridge hogging leftovers.
5. See coffee pot and stop to make some.
6. Pour water in the coffee maker and go to get the coffee.
7. See wasted dinner from picky kids on the counter.
8. Take said wasted food to dogs while hollering in the direction of the bedrooms about starving kids in other countries.
9. Finish making coffee.
10. Get tupperware for old leftovers.
11. Decide to complete a task and wash dish from old leftovers.
12. Look around and remember that the clean dish towels are on the bathroom counter. (You folded them while the kids bathed.)
13. Retrieve towels and dry dish.
14. Go to cover tonight's leftovers and see the old leftovers still sitting on counter.
15. Cover old leftovers and put in fridge.
16. Look for foil
17. Find foil and wonder why it is kept there.
18. Us foil and then put it back in the same place it was when you couldn't find it.
19. Cover leftovers and put in fridge.
20. Decide against the coffee and have a glass of wine instead.