The winner of the MellyRoo sippy cup is...

Tina Northam!

Knowing the gal over at MellyRoo, this won't be the last time we give away one of those so be on the lookout for another giveaway from her! And if you didn't check out her blog you should!

As promised, we have another giveaway for Thursday! We're keeping it simple today and doing a $10 gift certificate! With the super affordable pricing you'll find at lolidots that will go a long way!

To enter:
1. Use the Contact Us link (here or on home page) and tell me what you've thought of the Week of Giveaways.

2. Email, blog about it, twitter, facebook or whatever you want. Let me know and I'll give you two entries.

3. If you haven't already, sign up for the mailing list and you'll get an entry. (bottom of home page)

In addition, any orders placed today will get 20% off! You can email your orders to Don't forget that we can customize just about any item and work with you to get that exact look you're going for!

Contest will run until midnight Thursday.

Anyone signing up for this contest is automatically entered in the week long Kylie Wrap Giveaway. In addition, blogging or spreading the word about the Kylie Wrap Giveaway will get you two extra entries in that one!

The week has gone so well! I'm thrilled that so many are so excited about the store! I love doing this and am excited to continue to bring you all the very cutest things for your very cute kids! I promise to always try to bring new and fun products!