I really wanted my next post to be something meaningful.

Something well thought out.

Something possibly profound.

It's not like I procrastinated until 1AM the night I'm going to update the blog or anything. Sheesh! Would I do that?

Um, no way! That's not why this isn't a deep post!

Um, I, uh, really wanted to share this recipe! Yeah! That's why!

Soooo, here's my super profound and meaningful recipe for y'all!

I make this ALL the time. Really. Every other week. Sometimes once a week. It's so easy, so cheap and so very good. I also have a love for things that make enough to have definite leftovers because it means one less night that I have to cook.

It's not a "real" recipe so, bear with me here.

Cheesy Goulash

-at least 1 lb of ground meat (we use ground turkey. It's better for you and way less greasy. It's also cheaper here.)
-diced tomatoes (Canned or fresh. If I use canned then I like to get the italian flavor one)
-Box of Shells and Cheese Dinner (or pasta shells and your choice of cheese)
-Veggies (your choice of the kind and whether you want fresh or frozen or canned)
-garlic powder

Brown your meat (throw in some fresh garlic if you want)
While the meat cooks you'll need to boil your pasta (leave the cheese out)
If you are using frozen or fresh veggies then you'll also need to prepare those while the meat and pasta cooks
Add the tomatoes and other veggies to your cooked meat
Add your cooked pasta
Sometimes I add a little water. It's totally up to you
Add garlic and salt to taste
Once it's all combined and heated through, add your cheese sauce from the dinner box or your cubed cheese and let it melt.

That's it. meat, pasta, veggies and cheesiness living in harmony and your tummy will loooove it!

Munch on that and I'll work on a more meaningful post!