Are you beginning to see a theme here with these titles?

Heck yeah, I'm in the Christmas spirit! Even though I'm insanely busy (yeah, that ol' gripe again) and feel like my head's going to spin off and the kids are going to give me a stroke and I'll never sleep again...aside from that stuff...I'm totally in the Christmas spirit!

I really love Christmas.

I love the magic of it.

I love Santa and the reindeer and little one's wishing for zillions of toys.

I love decorations and the smells and the food and the family and the friends.

And, I love the photo shoots I've been doing lately. Because, really, does it get more "Merry Christmas" than this?

Seriously, are you dying from the cuteness?

How about this?


Feeling super lucky to be so busy with all of the photography stuff and just loving the wonderful families and gorgeous kiddos. This weekend is filled with more sessions so, I'm totally looking forward to that.

And, maybe sleeping in an hour or two.

And, maybe getting a little yard work done. I think I mentioned that I have another home improvement reveal coming up. Did I? Well, I have another reveal coming up! Yep, I've been working on my front porch and it's going to look insanely different just like the kitchen makeover was. One more week! Can't wait!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Be good! Santa's watching you!