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So, I know I wasn't the only one who gasped and uttered WTF? at the end of last night's episode. Claire? And Esau? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Good boy, Jin. Play it close to the vest, buddy.

Really, I've got to keep my notebook in my lap from now on so that I can take notes because it's just a whirlwind of stuff going on and thoughts during the show and by the time it's all over....nada. Can't remember a thing that I was thinking.

Here's what I do know...

Whoever is writing the ad spots for Lost seems to not really understand what the word "answers" means. Do they mean that we'll have more questions? Because, I'm not counting much as "answers". Yes, we know a little more about a little bit. That doesn't count as answers in my book. So, Claire isn't dead. Why was she with Christian? What has happened to her? What the heck is the deal with her and Esau? Her name wasn't in the cave so, what is up with that?

For that matter, Kate's name wasn't in the cave and I really want to know why. I'll admit that for a tiny moment, my conspiracy theory brain went running crazy and I thought that maybe Kate isn't what or who we think she is. Like, maybe she's been some kind of mole and that's why she isn't on the "list". I know. That's farfectched. The thing is, there's got to be something wrong with her because she obviously isn't worthy enough to be a "candidate". Hmmmmm.

Did ya catch the look on Jack's face when he looked at his scar? Same look he had when he was bleeding on the plane. There is some kind of residual memory there or something. It doesn't seem to be with all of them but, I've seen it with Kate and Jack in the alternate reality.

So, last week we saw Ben in the alternate reality. Do you think he was never on the island or left on the sub the day that the gang went to blow up the nuke?

I wonder what the importance is of the house Jack lived in as a child.

Remember when the little boy in the jungle told Fake Locke that he couldn't "kill him"? I've been wondering if he was talking about Sawyer because he's a "candidate" or if he's maybe talking about Richard Alpert.

Aw, sad moment when Jack and Hurley found Shannon's inhaler. She was supah annoying but, I started to like her once Sayid whipped her into shape. Or loved her into submission. Whichever way you wanna look at it.

I'm really excited about next week's episode. Those clever writers sure are keeping me tuned in and utterly frustrated.

I would like to say that I have predictions and theories but, I'd be lying. Maybe I'm being dense to not be able to see where things are going but, I'll keep telling myself that the writers are just. that. good.

No set questions today but, I wanna read your posts and definitely want to hear your thoughts. So, sound off in the comments and link up your posts!

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