Big sighs in the house last night.

Sighs of relief. I was convinced that the power would go out, the tv would go out, something would interrupt the night of tv that I had waited for so long to watch.

Sighs of brief understanding.

Sighs of frustration and total incomprehension as the new season of Lost got underway and showed viewers that we know nothing!

I'm not sure where to even begin. I'll premise this by saying that I have no clue what will happen. I may make some guesses and pose some theories but, completely acknowledge the utter possibility that I am totally wrong.

First, I was bothered by the dual stories. The alternate realities presented was too much to have to figure out. Once I let it go and took it for face value (one thing I have to do a lot when watching Lost), I enjoyed it. Because, let's face it, I'm invested in these characters. They could show them playing Scrabble for the whole show and I'd be interested.

The alternate reality where the plane doesn't crash presents it's own set of questions.

Why is there slight recognition in some of the passengers' faces? Rose and Jack have a very "don't I know you" look on their faces. Rose really seemed like she "knew". Obviously, Jack had that feeling about Desmond. The look on Kate's face when she saw Jack seemed to be that same confused look. Though, Hugo didn't seem to wonder about Sawyer.

Now, why are some things different and some things the same? Jack's dad is still dead but, Desmond is obviously not in the hatch. If Desmond didn't recognize Jack then they never met while running that track. Kate is still a fugitive but, Hugo is the "luckiest guy in the world". Jin and Sun obviously have problems but, you could tell from the look on Sun's face that she does still know English. Shannon isn't on the plane.

I'm sure it will all be explained and I'm on the edge of my seat to know what's going on and why there even is this alternate reality.

Back on the island, there's the little thing of Juliet saying "It worked."

What worked? The bomb.

How did "it" work? No clue.

Now, maybe it's my severe lack of intelligence when it comes to time travel and all those make believe rules. I thought that if "it worked" then they would cease to exist on the island. The reality where the plane doesn't crash would be the only one. Hubby tried to half-heartedly explain these time travel rules to me but, he lost us both.

So, has the Man in Black always been the smoke monster?


Was Jacob the smoke monster and now that he is dead, the Man in Black gets those powers?

What's the gray stuff they sprinkle on the ground to keep the smoke monster back?

If Richard knew what was going on then why did he say "don't shoot him"?

Hubby's theory? That maybe what we think about who is good and who is bad isn't right. Maybe Jacob was the "bad guy" and the "good guy" is the Man in Black and he's rightfully back in control.

Really glad Sayid is still alive. Really glad. I was pissed. Don't know how or why it's so important but, glad he's still kickin'. And, today while reading online, I realized something I overlooked. What if Jacob is in Sayid?

I'm anxious to know about that list that this new crazy, English hating, leader of yet another group of "Others" took out of the ankh that was in the guitar case. (Also, interesting sidenote, the statue that is now only a foot holds an ankh in each hand. ) Obviously the list has at least those survivors' names and we know at least that it's important for Sayid to live. Though, if Jacob is in him then maybe it was important for Sayid to die?

I'm still not sure about the alternate realities. Though, I'm catching myself thinking of one of my favorite movies. Sliding Doors is an entire movie with two different realities. One little thing that is different sends the story it two different directions and the viewer gets to see both ways. The end leaves you with the amazing thought that, in the end it doesn't matter about the little things because fate always gets you where you are supposed to be. I'll be intrigued if this Lost alternate reality shows us that even if the plane didn't crash, the fate of those original passengers was to end up on that island. This show is big on Fate so, I'm wondering if that's what will play out. We shall see.

All in all, great start to the final season. From little snippets of interviews I've read, writers and producers are assuring fans that all will be answered and patience must be the key. Not unlike the survivors themselves, eh?

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Next week we'll do another fun questions post. Maybe I'll call this Lostapalooza?

Whatddya think?