Friday was such a nice day here in Lolidots Land.

I'm watching my nephew this weekend and he is so frickin' frackin' stinkin' cute and sweet and chilled out. He reminds me of baby Trex. Just laid back and awesome at independent play. Doesn't get worked up and loves watching the other kiddos.

We hit the outdoors on Friday afternoon.

And I got a little snap happy.

Trex had some fun in the hammock.

Sshhhhhh...she's pretending to be asleep.

The wind was a little cool and the clouds were plentiful. It was a no pool day.

Snappy! Get away from that pool!

Snappy...were you and TRex playing in the pool when I told you not to?

No? You're very cute but, I think you're lying to me.

Let's have some time out action for a few minutes.


Wait a minute!

What the heck do y'all think you're doing?

You think you found a time out loophole or something?

"We're just coming to sit by you because we love you, Mom."

"Yeah. We love you Mommy."

"TRex, are you just being sweet because you don't want to be in time out anymore?"

"Well...yes, I am. But, I really do love you."

Oh, TRex. You are good.

Touche, my friend.

"Love ya too. Go play."