I've been blogging for a while now. Gosh, has it been two years? Longer? Wow.

Anyway, in that time, I've reviewed a LOT of products. Some from tiny business and some from big companies. I have always been 100% honest in my reviews and have always stayed positive about the product. There have been very few things that I've been disappointed with from the beginning and those companies were told up front that the review, were it to run, would be less than favorable. Every positive review I've ever done has been the truth, in the moment. The thing is, I don't always have a long period of time to test these products before the review runs. And, yes, sometimes my opinions change after a while.

So, in the interest of full disclosure...

In the interest of being a person that prides herself on her awesome recommendations...

And maybe something that other review bloggers would think I'm crazy for...

I'm going to go back over my reviews and highlight a few for you right now (not the full review or anything, just the product itself). There are some that I have some pretty big problems with after the fact. And there are others that I am in gaga love with and have gone on to purchase more.

Since it's the holidays and some of you may still be shopping, or will have gift cards to spend after the 25th, I want to give you all some honest opinions on some of the items I've had for quite a while now. And, this is totally from me, on my own, no companies backing any of these opinions.

So, let's get real. Some real advice. Advice and recommendations I would give my close friends and family.

Let's start with something good, shall we?

Last winter, I got a pair of brown winter boots from Go Jane. Loved them then and am still totally in love with them. I was anxiously waiting for our cold weather this year because I could.not.wait. to wear them again. They were super duper cheap (as in, inexpensive) and still look brand new after being worn almost every day that it was cold enough last winter. Love. Total stamp of approval. I don't know if Go Jane still has these particular boots but, their other stuff would get my recommendation too.

And now for one that I'm going to say "Skip It".

See Kai Run. Cute shoes. Seriously, they are cute. BUT, Snappy's started to fall apart after only months of wearing them. And, TRex had some from the sister company, Eleven, and the color started to come off the toes after wearing them for 2 months. Now, my kids aren't that hard on their shoes. They both have tons of other shoes that look just fine. Snappy has some shoes from Payless that were given to her after her cousin outgrew them. Both girls wore them all the time and they still look barely worn. This is not my kids being hard on these shoes. This is shoes that should have lasted longer for how insanely expensive they are.

If you want to spend a ton of money on kid shoes, check out Umi Shoes. They are high end and super cute and have lasted much longer.

And, if you don't want to spend a lot of money, check out Wee Squeak. Yes, they are the squeaking kind and only for up to age 3 or 4 (maybe 5) but, the squeakers come out!! (And, that's a GOOD thing!) Then they are just regular cute shoes and they are super duper affordable! Snappy has several pair and they are all fantastic shoes that have really held up quite well.

Another "Skip It" is not so much the website of CSNStores but, a few of their brands that they carry. They do have some good stuff but, definitely skip the Honey Can Do brand. Both items I've gotten of that brand have been pretty much crap. Low quality closet organizers and one has fallen apart so much after only a few months that it's almost time to throw it out. Really disappointed in those purchases. What not to skip at CSN? The ZipBins for kid toys are fantastic. They have different styles and sizes and they are so great.

Some things I've gone on to purchase more of because I was so impressed or would definitely buy in the future (or beg someone else to buy me)...

I just got some more contacts from Coastal Contacts. Cheapest and easiest ordering I've found.

Next time I need glasses, I'll be ordering from Eye Buy Direct. Amazing prices.

Sanuk shoes. Love love love love love. Did I mention I love them?

Soft Star Shoes. Absolute best eco-friendly shoes for kids. They have them for adults too and 0007 really wants a pair. Snappy's are ah-may-zing!

Namaste Inc. handbags. Looooooooooove. I get more compliments on that purse than ANY others that I have.

DownEast Basics. Really stylish clothes but, modest. Their clothes make me feel like I'm up to date with fashion without looking like I'm trying too hard. And, again, really good quality. I have a jacket from them that I wear all the time and still love it and it still looks brand new after wearing it so very much.

Price Pfister faucet. Yes, if I was going to buy another kitchen faucet, it would be a Price Pfister. I still love it. Still looks great. Still works great. Not inexpensive but, worth the money in my opinion.

I reviewed a few different purse organizers in the last year or so and my fave was the Joey Junior. I like it because it's expandable and it moves really easily and isn't too stiff for different kinds of purses but, it really does keep everything organized.

Jean Straps. I use these all the time. Best invention. The turn your jeans into stirrup pants so that they stay down inside of boots. Love.

Xtrema Skillet. If you can afford to drop a little money on some really good and healthy and eco-friendly cookware, this skillet is fantastic.

Big companies that I'm still totally in love with: VTech, HearthSong, Pillow Pets, Scholastic (their DVD sets!)

There have been many others that I'm still happy with. You can go through the archives on my Giveaway page to see some really great big and small companies. These here have been the stand outs, both good and bad.

So, there you have it. Some honest recommendations on some of the stuff I've had the chance to review in the last couple of years. Happy Shopping!

And, to win some stuff that I am still loving, check out the Giveaway page because there's pretty much a holiday giveaway overload going on over there with over 15 current giveaways!