Of 2010, that is!

Yes, my posting has been so sporadic lately that I am going to go ahead and assume that this will be the last one of 2010.

But, what makes a good last post of the year?

Resolutions? Wishes for the new year? Holiday Re-cap? Year in review?

Well, I need to work out more, do more blogging, be happy with each day's productiveness, etc.

And I wish for a cool phone and new computer and new camera....and some other things that aren't so self-centered.

We did have a great Christmas. I have gone through very few of the pictures because I'm so swamped editing other things right now. I do have a couple though.

First, the whole fam. Not seen very often because one of us is always behind the camera.

The last present the kids got was actually on the 26th. Yep, they got an extra day of Christmas and a big surprise sitting on the front porch, orchestrated by their dad and grandma.

Yes, his eyes are really that blue. He's adorable and such a little ball of furry fun. They named him Rusty, though Snappy calls him "Crusty".

I'd post more but, I just heard 0007 walk into Snappy's room and say "Oh boy" and tell her "don't move". TRex is saying that he didn't do it. Oy. Do I want to know? Probably not.

I'll catch you folks later.

Next year.

In the year that is going to be so wonderful for us and so many others. Really, I have high hopes for 2011.

So, have a good one, peeps. Don't party too terribly hard on NYE. And, if you do, please don't drive.

Be safe. Be happy. Love and be loved.

Happy New Year!


The "Oh Boy" was followed by 0007 ushering Snappy past me while telling me "Look away" and then taking her out on the porch to "shake off".

So, you know those stuffed animals that are filled with teeny, tiny, itty, bitty styrofoam pellets?

Yes....she did.

Apparently, Snappy wanted us to have a White Christmas after all. Or, she at least wanted her brother's room to have one.

And then tracked it into her room.

And the hallway.

And the living room.

And she must have dumped it on her head because....well, you can imagine.

Piles of styrofoam snow.


And, 0007 was right. All we could really do was laugh.