Ok, lace came down.

I totally agreed with that one. I was happy I secured it with thumbtacks to see what it would look like instead of going all out.

I rearranged some dishes and left the doors off the upper cabinets. I'm left with this...

I like it. It needs paint.

So, one of my conundrums with all this is that my kitchen/dining room/living room are all open. No walls separating the three. To me, it seems like all three rooms must be the same (or at least coordinating) decor. It just seems like it would be weird to have breaks in the decor when it's almost one big room.

Therefore, I have no idea what color to paint the walls. I'm thinking I'd like to do the kitchen cabinets a creamy color but, if I did that, what color are the walls? A different shade of the creamy color? A darker shade? A lighter shade? Something totally different?

As the main color scheme I'm shooting for black and cream (maybe even some shade of gray too) with red and aqua as my "pop" colors.

Here's a wide shot of the kitchen so you can see the wall that goes from the kitchen to the dining room. It then goes further to the rest of the other dining area and behind the camera is where it turns into the living room.

Remember, you are ignoring any messes you may or may not witness.

I also need new curtains. I haven't decided yet what I want to do.

As far as the light fixtures, I'm thinking I'm going to use the hammered looking spray paint and just revamp them all. I'll probably paint the kitchen ceiling fan unless I find something awesome to take it's place. I love having that in there and it goes to a super high speed. Nice when you boil over rice-a-roni and it starts a small fire on the stove...not that I've ever done that. Just sayin.

Ok, hit me with your suggestions for paint!