So, there was a thread started over in the BlogFrog community that I obsessively post in frequent getting us to post some pics of ourselves from a long time ago. Love the idea and the pics being posted are awesomely hilarious. Who doesn't love a good horrendous pic from decades ago?!

I was having such fun that I figured I'd share a few with y'all.

I don't have a scanner so, these look a little weird because I just took a picture of the picture.

My 8th bday. I got Dirty Dancing. I do love the glasses my mother is rockin.

This one just has all the makings of a great picture. The wonderfully inappropriate pose of brother and sister. The denim jacket. The fully teased hair. The yellow socks. My brother's zip up vest. Really. Just great. This was a professionally done pic. Not something my mom snapped of us in the park. Nope. Scheduled and paid for and that's what she picked out for us to wear. Nice.

Because in 1981, car seats were an afterthought.....sideburns were where it was at!

"Which backdrop would you folks like to use?"
"Hmmm....which do you think would compliment our groovy hairstyles?"
"Well, would you like to also look super smart?"
"Oh, yes! We'd like that!"
"I'd recommend our bookshelf background and definitely go with plaid shirts under His and Hers suits."

I'll do more another day. So much fun. Go check out the S.I.F. BlogFrog community and post your own!