What the whaaa???

It's Friday?!

Where the hell did the week go?

Seriously, it seems like just yesterday that my little boy was starting kindergarten. Yeah, it was only five days ago but, I can get nostalgic already.

What happened to all this time I thought I would have when he started school? I don't have any time! I had glorious visions of being able to play on the computer all day with no kids fighting around me and interrupting me every five seconds. I imagined all this extra time for Snappy and me to be doing all these activities. I dreamed of afternoon naps with my Snappy and plenty of leisure time.


I was delusional.


The alarm goes off at 6 and I don't stop doing shit until I hit the pillow that night. What the whaa? Nobody told me this! Where did all of my wastable time go???

Yes, this week has been full of painting and stuff like that because I'm a mad woman trying to finish all the work I'm doing in the kitchen (which hopefully will be done this weekend!) but, I wasn't really prepared for the constant motion of the days. All the crap that must be done in order to get two kids in bed by a certain time. Blah. I hate getting up early. I hate being on a schedule. But....

I guess I'm kinda loving it too.

There's definitely something to be said for a little routine and structure.

My computer left me a note today asking where I've been and gently telling me that she might start checking Craigslist for another owner. I told her to get bent and deal with my absence like a big girl. I'll be around....there's always school in-service days.

Hope everyone else's week flew by and got them to the weekend swiftly and safely. I'm really hoping that the next two days don't go as fast as the last five.