And, I've got the award to prove it, suckahs!

My friend Millie over at Keep Calm and Carry On gave me a cool award!

Rules? Yep, there are rules. Share 7 things and give it to 7 peeps.

Alrighty. Here we go.

1. When I was in fourth grade I was getting teased by a mean little snot who was calling me short all the time. I wasn't quite the quick wit back then that I am today. I turned to my daddy. In his infinite wisdom, he told me to tell the little d-bag that "I'd rather be short and smart than tall and dumb." So I did! And, I was so damn proud of myself! The little jerk told the teacher and I got in trouble. Yeah, I still give my dad crap about that nugget of advice.

2. In high school, two friends and I bought a Ouija Board. I still swear to this day that thing worked. It was creepy.

3. I have to sleep with the tv on. But, it can't be just anything on. It has to be something that I've seen eleventybillion times and I have to have the volume where you can baaaaarely hear it. 0007 can sleep with anything on or off or the kids going insane circling around him while he is sitting up and a plane is landing in the room.

4. When I was 11 or so I was in the audience of a Double Dare episode.

5. We got a turtle today. A friend stopped by this evening and he brought TRex a turtle. I set up a box with some grass and got Snappy's blow up Barbie pool and put it in there with some water. TRex named him Donatello. Snappy will not touch him and just stands there saying "Is he gonna walk?"

6. I've been thinking that I would really like a babysitter for Sunday evening. Why? Because of the season finale of LOST, of course!

7. I hate lettuce. I'm a bit better these days and will have a salad every once in a blue moon but, when I was a kid, I hated despised loathed lettuce. One time my mom gave us lettuce with dinner. I ate all my food and then stuffed the lettuce in my cheek and asked to be excused. I went to the bathroom and spit it in the toilet. My brother went in there  a little while later and the lettuce hadn't flushed. He told on me. I got in trouble. I'm still plotting my revenge.

Ok, there's your random and useless facts about me.

Now, on to the 7 I'm bestowing this award upon....

1. The beautiful, inside and out, Holly Renee over at Love, Imagine, Create

2. The side splittingly funny Nikki over at Life As We Know It

3. The foul-mouthed, baby sling-wearing, repo-man Scott over at This Daddy's Blog

4. Even though she doesn't blog that often, my funny friend who I'd get in trouble with irl, Rachael over at The Adventures of My Two Peanuts. (maybe it'll get her blogging!)

5. The girl you can't help but love and want to be friends with, Janae over at Pink-Moss.

6. My late-night comment-chatting buddy, Amanda N. over at Life After Placing.

7. The about-to-pop with a baby that I've named Maude, Muliebrity over at Muliebrity Smith.

There you have it. Many thanks to Millie for the sah-weet award and for thinking I'm cool! Haha! Many thanks to these 7 bloggers and many many others for giving me great reading and great friendships. (Check out their blogs!)

Alright. That's it. Peace out.