Yeah, I know. I didn't do Lostapalooza today.

------------> I'm a terrible Lostie.

Lemme explain.

Last night was a good episode but, didn't really make me jump up and down or anything.

------------> Step it up, Lost writers.

And, I got almost no sleep last night.

I was tiiiii-rrrred today.

--------------> Insert whining here.

I watched one of 0007's nieces this morning.

--------------> Yeah, I'm sick of saying "hubby" or "hubs". From hence forward, let it be known that my husband's blog nickname will be the same as in real life. He is now "0007".

Totally loved having that adorable child here this morning! The kids loved it too!

She's almost 4 and way too stinkin' cute. She got up to my kitchen table for breakfast and said, "Oh, Robin, this is a beautiful table!"

It was a procrastination kind of day. Big time.

How big?

I started my own community on Blog Frog to help me procrastinate things even more.

-------------> You know you wanna join! Click HERE.

If you want to talk Lost, the forum is THE place to do it!

If you want to talk about anything, have at it in my forum!

Hmmmm. What else?

I'm thinking about vlogging 5QF again this week. I'm working on how I can be more natural in front of the camera.

------------> We'll see.

I've been terrible with my correspondence this week.

----------> I need to get better about that.

I think there are clothes in the dryer from about a week ago.

----------> At least the dishes are done.

I really hope it's nice and warm on Easter.

----------> I have a new skirt I'm dyin' to wear.

We're all out of "Dirty Shovels".

---------> Why are those the smallest cereal boxes?

If you've ever won anything in any of my giveaways, send me a pic with your prize and I'll feature you in a new segment I'm going to do!

------------> robin at

See ya on Friday for 5QF!

-----------> And, hopefully I'll see you around the Lolidots Community Forum!

But, you can still find me in SIF's forum too!

Oh, and because I can't do a post without a pic...

Here's a little sumpin' sumpin' from bowling last weekend.