So, this lovely little chickie in the Blog Frog community that I frequent started a thread about tattoos and if we have them and what they mean to us. I was going to respond to SIF's thread but, realized that I love my tattoos and their stories enough to do a whole post about it! Check out her blog and the Blog Frog thread!

My first tattoo was when I was 18. My crazy roommate and I decided on a whim one night that we wanted to go get tattoos. We wanted matching tattoos. I knew I wanted a frog because I had always collected frogs but, I wanted it to be different. I wanted some sort of tribal frog. The old biker dude in the little tattoo shop drew one up and we said yes and I'm pretty sure it was my insane roommate that decided we should get them on the tops of our feet. I chomped down on a zillion peppermints and endured what I was sure were the last five minutes of my life. It hurt so freaking bad but, I was laughing the whole time. And even though I look at that little froggy dude on my foot sometimes and think that the guy didn't know what he was doing...I love it. I love my little frog and the reminder of that crazy night with such a fun roommate and friend. It was my first truly "crazy" thing I did and I love it.

My next tattoo was with another great friend. She heard about the foot tattoos and was at our apartment not too long after and was talking about how much she wanted one. I convinced her and we were off. She didn't want to do it alone so she offered to pay for me to get another one. Hey, I don't turn down free stuff! I got my first butterfly. This very dainty and beautiful little butterfly I carefully selected and had them put on my upper back near my shoulder. Why a butterfly? Because I wanted it to mean something. I wanted it to remind me of something. About six months before that I had lost a dear friend to a tragic murder/suicide. She was unbelievable and her most favorite thing in the world was butterflies. I got that butterfly to remember her. It's still my favorite tattoo.

The next was also a butterfly. And, I got it in the quintessential spot that a young girl gets a tattoo. Yep, middle of my lower back. Honestly, I've never been stoked about this one. The person doing it didn't do a great job. But, once again I had it paid for by the friend that was with me so, beggars can't be choosers right? Years later I had more added to it and had some of the tribal stuff coming off it made into a bigger butterfly surrounding it. Still not great but, better.

I moved to Austin, Texas in my early 20s and that's where the other three came from. I have a butterfly on my stomach, near my hip bone. After I had my first born I went in for my checkup and the doctor was beside himself with what a good job he did with my incision. "I even missed your butterfly!" he exclaimed. Thanks doc! Still appreciative for that one! The butterfly on my stomach is the only one I ever paid for myself.

I have a really awesome butterfly on my ankle. It's bigger than the others and was designed just for me. I love the way the colors fade into each other. Honestly, it would look much better if I had left it alone when it was healing. If anyone reading this is thinking about getting a tattoo, I plead with you to please not scratch or pick the scabs! It will itch like crazy but, don't mess with it! The colors just aren't as vibrant.

My other favorite is the one on the inner wrist of my left arm. It's the chinese symbol for butterfly. I've always planned on getting another symbol on the other wrist but, haven't had the chance to get back in that chair in years. I'd love to do that and I'd love to add on to the butterfly that's on my upper back. I've also always wanted one that looks like a bracelet. Alyssa Milano has one and I adore it.

I really love all my tattoos. I like the way they look (most of them) but, more than anything I like the memories that go with them. I like that they are there forever because I don't ever want to forget why I got them or how I got them or anything.

So, that's it. I wish I had some pics of them but, I'm too lazy to take some now and it's been so long ago since I got them I don't think I even had a digital camera back then.

Will I let my kids get tattoos? If they want them then I can't foresee having a problem with it. What age I let them get one will depend on them.

Added: Ok, these pics are not good. They look kinda skewed. It's difficult to take pics of tattoos on your own body! I'll have to get hubby to take some more.