I love free stuff.

Seriously. Love.it.

I'm a scavenger for sure. I don't mind cheap stuff and love me a good thrift store or garage sale but, there's just no beating free stuff!

I was on my way to a photo shoot yesterday and I passed a house that had obviously had a garage sale and was not wanting to keep any of the leftovers. It was all sitting out by the curb waiting for the garbage pickup. So, being the resourceful woman that I am, I snagged this little bookshelf.

Because I love free stuff.

I took it home and gave it some TLC. Not the 90s girl band. Just a little cleaning and some paint.

I mentioned before that because of the color scheme I chose for the kitchen/living/dining rooms, I was worried about it sliding too far into the modern decorating genre. I want to make sure that I continue to incorporate pieces that really reflect me and my personal decorating taste. My favorite way to decorate is totally non-matchy matchy and shabby chic. Now, the decorating I've done is all very coordinating so, I'm trying to add some pieces here and there that break it up. I painted the shelves the same way I did the barstools. No primer, light coats of paint. Then I distressed the edges.

I'm loving the result. And, take a look at what painting the cord white did to hide it from view. Yes, that's the same spot that I showed last week that had the big black cord showing.

And, just to top off the Freebie Weekend, 0007 did a little scavenging of his own and was able to add this to our backyard.

I love free stuff! And TRex and Snappy love jumping!

Dad looks on for a while and then can't help but jumping in!

Have I mentioned I love free stuff?